Stones of Yalmrith - Video Game


Discover Yalmrith

The puzzles

In the world of Yalmrith each puzzle is unique in the way it was crafted, scripted and how you will solve it, take your time, because each puzzle in The Stones of Yalmrith will take a lot of yours.

The Platforms

You may think our hero doesn’t have the agility nor the speed to face the platforming obstacles , but you will be surprised on how YOU & Our Little Hero will succeed in doing so.

The Elders

No need for spoilers, you will have to face them yourself in the world of Yalmrith, don’t be afraid and don’t worry, we are sure you can handle them perfectly.

The World of Yalmrith

Tight jumps, slow velocity, complicated puzzles and weird creatures that wants to kill you for no reason. The world of Yalmrith is unique and deadly the player takes control of Andor a doll taking a form of life and he/she have to face many platforming mechanics, logic puzzles to solve and battle strange creatures to carve your path, the game is intended to have (minimum) 3 hours and half worth of gameplay.

The world of Yalmrith was developed using the Power of the amazing UNREAL ENGINE 4 with a well crafted game play, script and story. You may see that the game is developed by one guy, but believe i’ve put my heart into creating this game and i’m sure you will feel that while enjoying the world you will have to control.

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The Story so Far ...

The stones of Yalmrith chooses their champion to face the Elders, yet our hero has no idea about what it is or what it will face, the path of Yalmrith is full of trials, only your wit can make you succeed , gain knowledge about your world and open new paths.
Each Chapter will teach you about Yalmrith , but only the stones can help you do so, be careful with the Elder because they are not only a form of brute force, but also smart they will try to trick you , yet we are sure you will see the truth and defeat them, the world of Yalmrith is beautiful , harmonic and epic but also deadly and hard.